About 2nd Amendment Ammunition

Welcome to Second Amendment Ammunition, your number one source for High Quality, performance Ammunition. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best ammunition, with a focus on performance, customer service and accuracy.

2nd Amendment Ammunition provides the highest quality and performance ammunition while passionately supporting and defending the U.S. Constitution. Backed by founder and Owner, Joseph Anziano, 2nd Amendment Ammo is making it’s name in the industry as one of the best ammunitions one can buy for home defense.

The role of the 2nd Amendment when it is distilled down to its square root is not about the shooting sports, hunting, gun collecting or even self-defense. It is about “The absolute division of power by the smallest possible divisor…..the armed citizen”. Anyone who advocates for NOT sharing power is quickly and clearly revealed for their true intentions of power grabbing and control. Everyone in our Free Society needs to be brave and share in the power that underlines our societal construct, because based on historical references and the paradox of power; the only way to minimize the worst components of the human condition is through the natural decentralization that transpires from individualism.

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